How to Use Subsrv

About Us

What is Subsrv?

Subsrv is a site that lets you browse multiple subreddits at once. While Reddit combines your subreddits into one list, Subsrv keeps each subreddit separate and loads it fully. This allows better browsing with more control.

What Are Subpacks?

A subpack is a collection of subreddits on Subsrv. A new subpack page is created whenever you add a subreddit to a page, change the order of subreddits or adjust the display options.

Let's Make a Subpack

How do I add a subreddit or multiple subreddits to a page?

From the homepage or an existing subpack, enter any of these into the add box:

  • Just the subreddit name, like "pics" or "todayilearned"
  • The full subreddit URL, like ""
  • Add multiple subreddits at once, like "aww+funny+iama+humor"
  • Add all subreddits from a public multireddit, like ""

Can I add all of my subreddits to a page?

Yes, in 3 simple steps:

  1. While logged into, go to
  2. On the right sidebar, click the heading labeled: multireddit of your subscriptions
  3. Copy and paste that URL into the add box

Now you have a subpack of all your subreddits.

Change a Subpack

How do I change the order of the subreddits in a subpack?

Click the blue drag icon to the right of a subreddit name, then drag the sub to its new position. When dragging, links will be hidden to make reordering subreddits easier.

How do I remove a subreddit from a subpack?

Click the blue drag icon to the right of a subreddit name and drag it to the edge of the screen. When the background turns red, let go of the subreddit to remove it from the subpack.

How can I add a title to my subpack?

Add your title to the end of your URL and it will automatically be added as the page title.

For example, if your subpack URL is:

Add your title directly to the URL in your browser like: NFL Team

Hit enter in your browser and the URL will update to, with the title now showing at the top of the page.

Share/Save Your Subpack

I made a subpack. How do I save it or share it?

Submit your subpack to /r/subsrv to share it with others. Otherwise, bookmark your page!

What Is Subsrv's Relationship to Reddit?

Subsrv Is Independent

Subsrv is not affiliated with Reddit. The site generates unique URLs for collections of subreddits and loads all information directly from Reddit itself, using Reddit's public data feed.

Subsrv Is Anonymous

Subpacks are anonymous collections of subreddits. Every group of subreddits generates a unique URL but there is currently no way to remember your subpack without saving the URL.

Subsrv doesn't have user accounts, set cookies or store any information about you or your Reddit account.